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Originally a blacksmith shop, the workshop now boasts the latest in modern diagnostic equipment for vehicle mechanical servicing.

Brett Curren

About Us

At The Local Village Garage in Malvern we take our business name and motto - Extra care... guaranteed - seriously. As the owner Manager, Brett Curren is continuing the tradition set by his predecessors by taking 'extra care' of customers and their cars.

Many customers of the Tooronga Road business live within a 10km radius and have been referred by friends. If their car won't start, Brett does his best to drop by and diagnose the problem and, if necessary, arrange towing. It's as though its his own problem.

A car is an important everyday necessity, and Brett knows what it is like to have a car break down or be stranded.

Brett puts himself in his customers' shoes and treats them as he would like to be treated. THis often means going one step further, taking time to check items and discussing them with customers.

Brett and his team do their best to minimise nasty shocks or surprises. For example, where possible, clients are given notice well in advance of major repairs so they can budget for them.

Between them Bret (pictured) and mechanics Lance ven der Jagt and Johnny Kyridcou carry out most repairs but they also have a strong local network of auto electric, transmission and other specialists they can call on, making the Local Village Garage a 'one-stop shop' for customers.

Once work is complete, all cars and windows are washed inside and out.

Brett's wife Jean is the part-time administrator and adds a personal touch to the workshop, installing a bowl of lollies and vases of colourful flowers. Many customers comment on the flowers, which make a change from the traditional workshop decor.


"The personal service is fantastic. Brett explained my car's problems and outlined the necessary repairs before starting work. He was very thorough and reassuring. I was treated like a valued customer and would go back to The Local Village Garage time and time again. They certainly live up to their motto."

Local Village Garage customer Edwina Scott.

"Yes, I'm a happy customer of The Local Village Garage in Tooronga Road Malvern, and I now know what is meant by 'goodwill. There are many reasons for this.

Owner Manager Brett Curren and the team at The Local Village Garage really do provide all-round, fantastic vehicle service. They manage to look after customers' cards as though they were their own, and minimise nasty shocks or surprises. They take time explaining what's wrong with my car, and give me advance notice of major repairs so I can plan ahead and start budgeting. This is important in building trust.

Having said that, as far as I'm concerned if my car is not safe then my life is threatened. The cost of a vehicle service or repair is negligible in that context; in fact I stagger at the value provided by vehicle repairers when I compare it to the cost of a short dental consultation.

Brett and the team organise all specialist repair work so I don't have to bother chasing individual repairers. This makes it a very handy 'one-stop shop.'

THen, when I collect my car from The Local Village Garage after a service, it is always sparkling clean. To me its's just as good as having a shiny new car. It's this sort of extra care and attention that goes a long way - and it keeps me coming back.

It goes without saying service is always delivered with a big smile.

When I call, they know who I am - it's unusual to be on a first-name basis with a company/business in such a large city.

Finally, I must comment on those floral arrangements. What a refreshing, colourful and fragrant welcome! Such a pleasant change.

Some people develop slogans simply for the sake of it. Not so in the case of The Local Village Garage. This business takes its motto - 'Extra care ...guaranteed' seriously. If anything, they should be saying 'Extra good care...'

It is little wonder all my neighbours, their friends and families choose to keep going to The Local Village Garage."

Malvern resident Jane Bell.

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